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Meet Camila Reyes!


Camila Reyes is a second year PEER scholar from Modesto, California, pursuing a doctoral degree in Mathematics. Camila initially entered academia with her eye on history, but switched to mathematics because she found it thought-provoking, yet enjoyable. Camila seeks to enter the professoriate and, on a larger scale, wants to make Mathematics more accessible to a lay audience. She notes, “We see and enjoy the end products of math all the time, but I want to teach people all about the mathematical processes that get you toward the end. I want to take the simple tasks and interactions that we experience everyday and show the math.”

She was initially attracted to the University of Tennessee because of the research being done in mathematical ecology & evolution. She notes, “UT is well known for its research in connecting math to the biological sciences and that really caught my eye before I came out here.” Camila says of her campus visit with the Mathematics Department, “I got here and met the faculty, students and PEER staff and I was sold. Everyone was so inviting and Knoxville is a beautiful place. I chose UT because I knew I would be happy here.”

Camila has thrived as a UT student and PEER scholar. She explains, “The salary is nice but PEER is really great because it bolsters academic skills in writing & communication that aren’t taught everywhere and I’ll use them in my career. Also, I’m inside of a cohort of people that are really supportive and provide me with a social and intellectual outlet.”

Along with her drive to enter the professoriate, Camila is passionate about counseling undergraduate students from her alma mater who are considering pursuing doctoral degrees. She remains in touch to mentor and communicate to undergraduate students about her experiences about UT, what it means to pursue a PhD, and her career aspirations.

Camila’s story is Progress. Made by Peer.Share her story and tell us how you make #Progress in your own way.