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A number of faculty, administrators & students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville all bring their expertise and passion to make PEER a unique & innovative program. Below is a description of each group that makes up and contributes to the PEER Program.


Current PEER Scholars

PEER Scholars have qualified and currently receive the PEER fellowship. They are students in current STEM doctoral programs that span from the biological sciences to engineering. PEER Scholars participate in a wide-array of activities that equip them with advance academic skills and expose them to meaningful mentorship.

PEER Staff

The PEER Staff plan and execute the goals and everyday activities of the PEER Program. The staff works with UT students, faculty and administration to help doctoral degree seeking students complete their degree on time and prepared for their desired careers.

PEER Alumni

PEER Alumni are students who entered into the program at the beginning of their doctoral study and participated in the fellowship for the required two years. PEER Alumni can be students who are still in pursuit of their doctoral degree at UT or they have graduated and have advanced into their careers.

PEER Mentors

Mentorship is a cornerstone of the PEER program and the PEER Mentors create and foster both formal and informal mentoring opportunities for PEER Scholars. PEER Mentors are made up of faculty and administration at UT and they participate and lead in a number of PEER events such as the Discourse Meetings.

PEER Leadership Team

The PEER Leadership Team guides the overarching goals, objectives and assessment of the PEER program. Comprised of UT faculty and administration and PEER staff, this group also keeps PEER aligned with university goals and objectives in an effort to grow and sustain the PEER program.