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2014 PEER Cohort


from left: Leondra Lawson, Jessica Cisneros, Domonique Hatton, Jordan Bush, Alfredo Blakeley-Ruiz, Jonelle Basso, Emily Stow


Jonelle Basso

Research Interests: I’m interested in researching and understanding the roles, relationships and driving agents of microbes, and possible associated phage, in their respective ecosystem. There is interest and much research to be done on marine bacterial strains of the abundant and ecologically important Roseobacter clade.
Hometown: San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.
Previous Degrees Earned: B.S. Environmental Biology; M.S. Environmental Science and Policy – University of South Florida

Jordan Bush

Research Interests: I am interested in understanding the behavioral mechanisms that make a species more invasive.
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Previous Degrees Earned: B.A. in Mathematics, B.S. in Biology – both earned at Trinity University

Domonique Hatton

Research Interests: I’m interested in investigating the temperament of naturally occurring communities of spiders and their potential as bio control agents.
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Previous Degrees Earned: B.S. Biology – Spelman College

Alfredo Blakeley-Ruiz

Research Interests: I am looking at third generation sequencing to analyze data at the DNA, RNA, & protein level.
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Previous Degrees Earned: B.S. General Biology – University of Notre Dame

Emily Stow

Research Interests: I am interested in molecular biology research specifically studying cell division and chromatic organization.
Hometown: Franklin, Tennessee
Previous Degrees Earned: B.S. Cellular Biology – University of Georgia

Leondra Lawson

Research Interests: I am interested in the cyanacrylate fuming method (CFM), which is widely used in forensics. Specifically, I want to enhancing the efficiency of this method by altering the humidity and temperature of the environment without degradation.
Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi
Previous Degrees Earned: B.S. Chemistry, M.S. Chemistry – Jackson State University

Jessica Cisneros

Research Interests: I am interested in biological problems that can be studied through molecular biology techniques as a tool, but which can be confirmed through phenotypic studies such as in plants.
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Previous Degrees Earned: B.S. Microbiology, M.S. (Pending) Biology – California State University, Los Angeles